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Light commercial builds throughout East Texas.

Choosing the Best Commercial Construction Company – 6 Truths

Size Doesn’t Always Indicate Capability

Commercial construction projects come to us in all shapes and sizes. When area business owners look for a commercial builder that’s right for their needs, a larger firm isn’t always better. Sure, if your project is massive you want to know your general contractor can handle something of that scale. But our clients say again and again how they value Brad Stricklin’s hands on approach, the personal treatment he delivers, his vast knowledge of area construction needs and his extensive list of qualified subcontractors.


Relationships Are the Real Foundation

Sure, you need concrete, steel and lumber for a successful commercial build, but it all starts with relationships. If you don’t have good communication and rapport, nothing goes as planned. Stricklin Construction partners with owners and stakeholders to achieve business goals and works hand in hand from design through project completion. It also doesn’t hurt to have an extensive portfolio to showcase previous work.

The Lowest Price Isn’t Always The Best Price

You probably already know from running your business that low prices can by synonymous with low quality. The contractor who gives you the lowest bid is either inexperienced enough to underestimate what you’ll need or planning to use cheaper materials or methods. That’s not what you need for your project, and it typically ends up costing much, much more than the projected savings. Stricklin Construction offers competitive, reasonable pricing and delivers value, quality and safety.


Deadlines & Budgets Matter

Nobody wants a project to take longer or cost more than anticipated, but most people realize things come up. When it’s a commercial construction project, that can be extremely stressful. Our range and depth of experience in commercial builds allows us to efficiently manage deadlines and the cost of labor. We also have relationships with local vendors that save you on materials.


Oversight Is Everything

Our commercial construction projects go smoothly because we’ve spent decades developing relationships with the best building materials vendors and tradespeople in the area, but while we absolutely trust the pros we work with, there’s no substitute for on-site presence. When Brad Stricklin takes on a project, he’s an active participant every step of the way. Expect to see him on site talking with contractors, double-checking deliveries, reviewing completed work and inspecting progress.


Your Commercial Construction is your business

The building in which you do business IS the way people see you. It’s the way customers experience your brand and the where employees do their job. It’s either comfortable, inviting, functional and everything else you need it to be. You work hard to be the best when it comes to products and services. The quality and calibre of your commercial construction should reflect brand values and help you accomplish your company mission and vision.


What Sets Us Apart… Our familiarity and rapport with the neighborhood subcontractor market is one of Stricklin Construction’s greatest assets.


Over the past 30 years, Brad Stricklin has accumulated a thorough database of skilled subcontractors throughout the Tyler Texas area, and we know who to trust with your project. We recognize the value of working with respectable neighborhood suppliers and subcontractors, and we’ll do everything we can to keep the entire team informed about subcontractor progress on our commercial builds.

Stricklin Construction offers a range of construction services that are specifically tailored for the success of each project, along with tried-and-true client-focused business methods, high standards of quality, and safety. We manage every facet of the planning and execution of the process as your construction manager. Some of the project management and field operations services we offer are as follows:

  • Initial Project Scope Assessment
  • Bid Package Assembly
  • Review of Regulatory Agency Requirements
  • Permitting and Approvals Facilitation
  • Risk Assessment
  • Site Location Services
  • Subcontractor Selection


  • Subcontractor Scheduling
  • Project Management
  • Quality Control
  • Project Cost Reporting
  • Materials and Services Procurement
  • Warranty Support
  • Safety Standard Leadership


what is
Light Commercial Construction?

So Glad you asked...

A lot of commercial contractors say they take on projects large and small, but there’s some understandable confusion over what that means. Is Stricklin Construction right for your project or will your Texas commercial build be too large or too small?

A light commercial builder works on projects like small medical facilities, banks and credit unions, restaurants, churches, retail stores and other similar properties.

Sometimes light construction means putting an entirely new structure where one never existed before. But it can also involve renovation, expansion, retrofitting, restructuring or remodeling. Stricklin Construction does all of the above.


questions to ask
your tyler tx commercial construction contractor

Are you licensed and bonded?

Proper licensing and insurance protect the property owner. If something happens during the build, you’re covered. General contractors and commercial builders who don’t carry coverage likely cut corners in other areas as well.


Do you have an established network of subcontractors?

You don’t want your job to be put on hold because your commercial construction company can’t get an electrician to show up when needed or because the plumber he or she chooses does shoddy work.


How long do you estimate the project will take to complete?

Experienced commercial builders know about how long different projects take. They can give you a ballpark idea to plan for financing, materials acquisitions and other time sensitive aspects of construction.


Can I have your list of references?

Find out where you can see other commercial and/or residential construction your builder has completed, then check them out to see if the finished work has the quality and functionality you’re looking for.


How soon can we start?

If you need your project done within a certain time frame, it’s essential to find out when the construction company is available. If they’re swamped for months into the future, you might have to consider other options.



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