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You’ve worked hard to get where you are, now you want a home that sets the bar when it comes to style, features, amenities and curb appeal. Stricklin Construction is your builder for luxury homes in the Tyler Smith County area.


Why Experience Matters With Luxury Home Construction

There’s more to being a successful building contractor than coordinating subs and sourcing materials. Plenty of builders have had a lot of knowledge about what goes into making a structure but they aren’t so great at running a business.

Experience matters at every stage. Builders get in over their heads when they underestimate what it takes to bring a project to completion. With the cost of home construction like it is today, it’s easier than ever to get in heavy debt and have to shut down or restructure. The news is full of cautionary tales about Texas custom home builders who used cash from new projects to pay for old ones, and it eventually caught up to them, or who cut corners because they managed things poorly from the beginning. If you hire a builder who is here today and gone tomorrow, so many things could go wrong.


if you hire an inexperienced custom home builder

  • Your luxury home could end up costing much, much more than anticipated.
  • Poor scheduling could cause delays, and some contractors could quit.
  • Your project could violate Texas residential building codes, leading to financing headaches, more expense and delays.
  • A contractor distracted by business problems could miss important structural issues
  • The builder could go out of business before your project is completed.
  • You might end up with foundation problems, drainage issues, moisture intrusion or worse.
  • Problems with your build could occur six months after you move in, and the contractor might have disappeared.


what to look for in a tyler tx home builder

Good Tyler TX luxury home builders are dedicated, passionate and have spent a lifetime honing their abilities. They manage their affairs carefully over time. The fact they’ve been in business for years indicates they’ll be around to help take care of your luxury home if you need them in the future.


Unique Architectural Features
Built for Your Lifestyle
Stunning Outside and In
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what makes a house
a luxury home?


What’s the difference between a luxury home and a McMansion? Hollytree, Three Lakes, The Woods, Emerald Bay, Boone’s Landing and other communities are full of upscale properties with tons of square footage, unique architectural features, lush landscaping and other factors that signal status and success.



Location is a huge factor, as with any type of real estate. Building in an exclusive community, on expansive acreage or on a waterfront lot adds value. Luxury homes are built using premium materials inside and out. They have features less expensive homes don’t like saunas, infinity pools, wine cellars and gourmet kitchens. Landscaping includes water features, high end lighting and outdoor entertaining space that compliments the exterior and hints at the opulence inside.


premium everything

Inside, nothing is cookie cutter. Flooring might be reclaimed antique wood or imported tile. Bathrooms deliver a spa-like experience and living rooms are as comfortable as they are breathtaking. Everything from paint to cabinetry to technology flows together to make the entire home a masterpiece.


planning your texas luxury home

What features should your custom built luxury home include? Here’s a list to get you started.


gated entrances

privacy fencing

wraparound porches


custom garages

tennis courts


infinity pools


Guest cottage or Cabin

outdoor kitchens

custom fire pits

rock climbing walls

landscaped courtyards


Fishing piers

Ponds or lakes

luxury master suites

High end countertops

Touchless faucets

sujmptuous spa bathrooms

exercise facilities

jet tubs or soaker tubs


art or craft studios

home technology upgrades

theater rooms or libraries

superior air quality systems

towel warmers

rooftop patios

what do luxury homes

what buyers are really asking...

Greater square footage, premium materials, desirable locations and unique amenities all have a price tag. When most people ask about price, what they’re really asking is, “are luxury homes a good investment?”

It’s natural to want to know if what you create will keep increasing in value. For many people, their home is their most valuable asset. They build Tyler custom homes to live in, but they want to know when they sell their investment will pay off and their property will be attractive to prospective buyers.

A home that is completely unique, that has the most sought-after styles and amenities will always be more in demand than run-of-the-mill construction. Luxury homes are in demand and there are fewer of them. Building costs and land prices will likely continue to rise, so what you spend to build today is likely a savings over what it will cost if you wait to get started.


Luxury Homes for Sale Near Me

Stricklin Construction specializes in Custom Homes, remodeling and light Commercial construction. We have built all over the East Texas area mostly in Tyler Smith County area including Cherokee, Rusk, Wood, Greg, Henderson counties. Tyler, Troup, Bullard, Whitehouse, Chapel Hill, Arp, Lindale, Flint, Jacksonville, Overton, Mineola.


tyler tx home builders
how to choose

Estimate The Construction Cost

Sometimes having the whole internet at your fingertips is a good thing, other times not so much. There are a number of reputable custom home builders in Tyler TX, so how do you find the best building contractor for your project?

  • Check professional organizations – Choose a luxury home builder that has long-term affiliations with TABA, BBB
  • View completed projects – Experienced custom home builders have a portfolio of construction projects that showcase what they can do.
  • Talk with previous clients – Contact people who have worked with the builder you’re considering to get an overview.



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